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How to lease

Waves token holders can lease their WAVES to full nodes, helping to secure the network and enjoying a share of the rewards from transaction fees.

To lease your WAVES token you have to open the Waves Client webapp that you can find here. Once you are logged in, click on the option Leasing and you will be forwarded to the Leasing page.

Waves Dex dashboard

Click on the button Start Lease.

Waves start lease

The Leasing section has two boxes: one to specify the recipient address which would be the address of any mining pool, one to specify the amount you are willing to lease.

In the Recipient field insert 3PJJ7pzByyQ6PrKRLvzzwkkfyHCrXD8XzJf

In the Amount field insert the quantity of WAVES you want to LEASE (the fee is 0.001 WAVES).

Click on the Start Lease button to lease Waves tokens. Check the entered data and if everything is correct click on the Send button.

Waves form start lease

Once you press the Send button the leaser would be able to see a new transaction in the Leasing transactions table (it means that you have successfully leased your Waves).

Generating balance

6692 WAVES

How to lease


Leases stats
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  • 90% earned Waves
  • Weekly payment
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